The slaughterman (O matachín)

short film / Drama

Year: 1996 / Running time: 14 min.

Prod.: Abrago Filmes / Exec. Prod.: Miguel Asensio, Amalia Mato, Ana Monteagudo

Directed by Jorge Coira

Written by Luis Liste, Xepe Casanova

Director of photography: Suso Bello

Cast: Luís Tosar, Luís Zahera, Xan Cejudo, Carolina Vázquez


Two wretch dealers, Fran and Tuto, pick up Fran’s girlfriend at the airport. She’s just arrived from Venezuela with several bags of cocaine in her stomach. When it seems that everything came out well, she starts feeling bad and everything turns out the worst possible way.


    • O matachín (extracto)

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