Días de reparto


The population in Galicia is widely spread all along the country. In fact there’s the same amount of population centers in Galicia as in all the rest of Spain. So there’s a daily delivery of all kind of good to the people who live up in the mountains where the relationship between seller and buyer is completely different from that we’re used to in the cities.
Delivery days is the story of one of those sellers.
So, the first thing we had to do was to find the guy. We interviewed a large group of people who work on this and, eventually, we found Felipe: a young, generous and open-hearted man who let us go with him through the mountains of Lugo, and getting to know all those incredible men and women who keep those mountains alive.

This documentary film portraits Felipe, a salesman who takes his van to the most remote places in the mountains of Galicia, where the closest supermarkets are miles away.  The personal relationship that he developes with his customers on his route becomes a whole human map of the area..


Year: 2010 / Running time: 55 min. / Prod.:  Bren Entertainment S.A

Directed by Jorge Coira, Iker Elorrieta

Written by Pepe Coira, Jorge Coira 

Executive prod.: Pepe Coira