From the land to your table (¿Qué culpa tiene el tomate?)

Documentary film

From the land to the table was the first time I worked with producer Fernanda del Nido. She told me about this crazy project where she planned to have seven directors from seven different countries and seven different production companies; and each of us should make a short documentary film about a green market, so all those parts together could make a feature film. Obviously, I loved the idea.
I chose to shoot my part at the green market of Santiago de Compostela, because that’s the town where I live and it’s one of the most beautiful markets I’ve ever seen.
There I met a large group of people who struggle everyday to make a living; people like Bermúdez (always thinking of new ways of connecting with his customers) or Esteban, the butcher: one the most sensible men I’ve met, who played a little role, a few years later, on my feature 18 meals.
The process was long and difficult (we knew it would be), but it had a great ending the day it was chosen to make its world premiere at the MoMA, in New York. Quite an experience.

What do you get when you take seven directors from seven different countries with seven different cultures and points of view? From the Land to Your Table is the first documentary of its kind in that it shows the perspectives of seven majorly talented filmmakers and directors from all over Latin America as they capture the conditions and cultural diversity of popular produce markets in their individual countries.


Year: 2009 / Running time: 107 min.

Written and directed by Jorge Coira (Spain), Alejo Hoijman (Argentina) , Josué Méndez (Perú), Marcos Loayza (Bolivia), Paola Vieira (Brazil), Carolina Navas (Colombia), y Alejandra Szeplaki (Venezuela)

Prod.: Tic Tac Producciones (Spain), Lagarto Cine (Argentina), Chullachaki Producciones (Perú), Pucara Films / Alma Films (Bolivia), TVzero (Brazil), Pato Feo Films (Colombia), Cooperativa Estrella Films (Venezuela)