Tower of Breoghán. The light of milésians (Torre de Breoghán. A luz dos milésians)

Documentary film

I’ve always loved the music of Luar na Lubre. It’s powerful, sensitive, lightful, cheerful… And when they called and proposed me making a documentary about the project of Tower of Breoghán, I felt really lucky to have the chance of living with them this process of creation.
And living their process quickly became the search of a way (or multiple ways) to portray their music. How can you see the music? How can you imagine it? How can you shoot it?
It was an inspiring discovery of their world and of that amazing book Leabhar Ghabala where the roots of Galicia and Ireland are so deeply connected.


Year: 2015 / Running time: 65 min.

Written and directed by Jorge Coira

Prod.:  Luar na Lubre, Mirmidón Prod., Abano Prod.

Director of photography: Jairo Iglesias

Documentary of creation that portraits the process of gestation of the show Tower of Breoghán, the most ambitious project of Luar na Lubre. The folk group rescues an epic story of the Celtic culture on the Galician invasions in Ireland and, along with the Symphonic Orchestra of Galicia, brings to life a show where the music and the visual effects are founded on a special alchemy.