The year of the slacker (El año de la garrapata)

Feature film / Comedy

The year of the slacker was my first feature film. I was ending that part of my life where I had seen (and sometimes evene lived) a pretty good amount of crazy student behaviours that you can usually see in any town with an university; and I wanted to talk about that crazy, wild and irreverent dolce vita.
And the movie created its share of crazy life. The first was the shooting itself, where I had to face all my insecurities as first-movie-director (I’ll never be able to express all my gratitude to the actors for supporting me and enjoying the shooting by my side), then all the reactions to the film, some of them extreme, some of them more subtle, love and hate… we had everything. But the most curious and craziest moment was probably when I saw that my favorite scene of the film ended up as a commercial for Skoda cars (you can see it below). Very weird.

A hilarious slacker comedy, The Year Of The Slacker takes a look at the inevitable post-college dilemma of “Where do I go from here?” After nine years of college, Fran has graduated to find that he has no desire to devote himself to a career despite the demands of his parents and the successes of his Ph.D bound girlfriend. He finds salvation in his best friend Morgan, who has perfected the art of leeching off of others and being the perfect slacker.



Year: 2004 / Running time: 87 min. / Prod.: Filmanova, Lugopress

Directed by Jorge Coira

Written by Carlos Portela

Executive prod.: Antón Reixa, Xosé de Cora

Director of photography: Chechu Graf

Cast: Félix Gómez, Javier Veiga, Verónica Sánchez, María Vázquez, Víctor Clavijo, Camila Bossa, Mela Casal, Celso Parada, Luis Zahera, Xosé Manuel Olveira “Pico”, Xosé Esperante, Xulio Abonjo