The law of Celavella (As leis de Celavella)

Thriller, mistery

Law of Celavella is one of the works I feel most fond of. When I got into this series, they had already produced the first two seasons (which had been directed by Gerard Gormezano), and for the next two seasons (26 episodes), they offered Carlos Sedes and me the direction of the show.
It was a very special project for several reasons: first, making a period thriller on that moment was something unique in Spain; second, every episode was like a small movie in which we had different narrative and esthetic challenges; and third, it was obvious for all of us that the possibility of shooting something more elegant and fancy than usual was the reason why absolutely all the crew struggled to do their best. And so, the shooting was one of the most intense and demanding experiences I ever lived.

The law of Celavella is a crime drama series, set in the twenties, in the fictitious Galician town of Celavella that combines the investigations by Pablo Veiga and his secretary Matilde, with a portrait of the rural Galicia at the beginning of the twentieth century.



Year: 2003 – 2005 / Running time: 70 min. / Weekly broadcast / Prod.: Voz Audiovisual, TVG

Created by Pepe Coira, Cheché Carmona, Eligio R. Montero, Puri Seixido

Directed by Gerard Gormezano, Jorge Coira, Carlos Sedes

Cast: Manolo Cortés, Salvador del Río, Nuncy Valcárcel, Marcos Viéitez, Camila Bossa, Eva Fernández, Avelino González, Fernando Morán, Antonio Mourelos, Rodrigo Roel, Ana Santos, Carlos Fernández, Tuto Vázquez, Margarita Fernández