The Commissioner (El Comisario)

Crime drama

The commissioner was one of the first series I shot in Madrid and one of the works where I learned the most. I entered the series when it had already become a classic of spanish television. And after ten years on broadcast, they called a group of new directors (people like Jorge Torregrossa, Eva Lesmes, David Carreras, Koldo Serra or myself) to take charge of the new episodes. And surprisingly, after ten years with few changes, the crew was not tired at all and they had created an great atmosphere, in which technicians and actors worked and had fun with a total complicity. It was an honor to be a part of such a television classic.

San Fernando is a police station, where the commissioner Gerardo Castilla and his agents have to deal with all kinds of criminal investigations.


Year: 2009 / Running time: 60 min. / Weekly broadcast / Prod.: Boca a Boca Prod, Estudios Picasso, Telecinco

Exec. Prod.: César Benítez, Emilio A. Pina

Written by Carlos Asorey, Joan Barbero, Verónica Fernández, Aitor Gabilondo, Ignacio del Moral, Nacho faerna, David Planell

Directed by José Ramos Paíno, Alfonso Arandia, Ignacio Mercero, Mateo Meléndrez, Jesús Font, Javier Quintas, David Carreras, Norberto López Amado, Jesús Mora, Jorge Coira, Javier Mora, Eva Lesmes, Koldo Serra, Jorge Torregrossa

Cast: Tito Valverde, Juanjo Artero, Marcial Álvarez, Jaime Pujol, Fernando Andina, Ruth Gabriel, Elena Irureta, Diana Peñalver, Patxi Freytez, Iris Díaz, Rocío Muñoz, Eva Martín, José Luis Torrijo, Cristina Castaño, Cristina Perales, Marc Clotet, Txema Blasco, Richard Collins-Moore, Eric Francés, Daniel Holguín, Chani Martín


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