Single cam sitcom

Luci is one of those -apparently small- projects that I truly enjoy getting involved with. Although the budget is small, the quality of the actors is enormous, as well as our intention to make a different comedy; a comedy about those absurd situations we all have to face on our everyday lives.
Working with the cast was one of these experiences in which you can easily recover that pure spirit of joy and playing with actors who do exactly that: play.

Luci is a normal woman: she’s 37, she has a job as a gardener, she has a normal apartment, a son, an ex-husband and a sister with whom she talks everyday on the phone.

Although she seems to be getting in trouble all the time, she always tries to keep her smile, because she knows that the world is far from being perfect. But, well, she’s not perfect, either, so… at least her life is also far form being boring.


Year: 2013 – 2015 / Running time: 26 min. / Weekly broadcast

Created by Pepe Coira, Araceli Gonda, Jorge Coira, Alfonso Blanco

Directed by Jorge Coira, Toño López

Prod.: Portocabo Prod., TVG

Cast: Nuncy Valcarcel, Eva Fernández, Darío Loureiro, Victor Mosqueira, Santi Prego, Déborah Vukusic, María Costas, Ricardo de Barreiro, Antonio Durán Morris, Enrique Lojo, David Perdomo, Elena Seijo, Xosé Barato, Oswaldo Digón, Camila Bossa, Belén López Valcarcel, Pedro Brandariz




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