Father Casares (Padre Casares)


Father Casares was one of the most successful TV series in the history of Television de Galicia. A much bigger success than any of us (the people involved on its creation) could have ever expected.
And that success is the result of a great group of scriptwriters (led by Ramón Campos -creator- and Carlos Portela -script editor-)and an amazing cast full of incredibly talented actors and actresses .
That cast (choral and heterogeneous but absolutely consolidated) was the best possible company in the adventure of bringing to life the village of Louredo and its crazy inhabitants. And thanks to them I will always remember some magical moments such as “the pig’s jump” on episode one, or the funeral on episode eight in which a group of sanctimonious women sing The Internationale, shocking the old priest (intolerant and always bad-tempered) and pleasing the mayor (communist and a little bit os a bastard).
It was good fun.

The father Horacio Casares, formed in a modern Jesuit seminar, reaches Louredo -a small town in the Galician coast-, to substitute the old father Crisanto. Step by step, Horacio will have to learn to deal with the old priest, with the atheistic and communist mayor, and with a flock of the most peculiar parishioners you can imagine.



Year: 2008 / Running time: 65 min. / Weekly broadcast

Created by Ramón Campos, Gema R. Neira, Eligio Montero and Carlos Portela

Directed by Jorge Coira, Manuel Espiñeira, Carlos Sedes, Álex Sampayo

Prod.: Voz Audiovisual, TVG

Cast: Pedro Alonso, Antonio Durán “Morris”, María Vázquez, Mercedes Castro, Tuto Vázquez, Tacho González, Patricia Vázquez, Ana Santos, Fina Calleja, Avelino González, Eva Fernández, Federico Pérez, Beatriz Bravo, Alejandro Carro, Xosé Manuel Olveira “Pico”, Víctor Mosqueira, Carolina Vázquez, Covadonga Berdiñas, Xavier Estévez, Gonzalo Rei Chao, Xaquín Domínguez, Xúlio Abonjo