Balls (Pelotas)


Balls was one of the best experiences I’ve ever lived on television.
Corbacho and Cruz -whom I’ve always admired since I watched Tapas for the first time- called me to work on the first season with them, but I could not go, because I was about to shoot 18 meals. And when the filming of my feature was postponed, I thought I had lost a unique chance of learning beside these great directors.
So, when almost one year later, they called me again for working on the second season, I didn’t doubt it for a second and, that way, I had the pleasure of entering their world, telling those warm and human stories, and enjoying myself along with a spectacular cast and crew.

Balls is a comedy about the daily life, about the victories and failures -mainly the failures- of a group of friends who meet every sunday morning for the match of “La Union”, a humble soccer team which is the most important for them since more than 50 years ago.


Year: 2010 / Running time: 60 min. / Weekly broadcast

Prod.: El Terrrat, TVE

Created by José Corbacho, Juan Cruz

Directed by José Corbacho, Juan Cruz, Jorge Coira, Oriol Ferrer

Cast: Ángel de Andrés, Javier Albalá, Blanca Apilánez, Celia Freijeiro, Belén López, María Botto, Alberto Jo Lee, Pablo Vega, Sara Loscos, Francisco Merino, David Fernandez, Arturo Valls, Alberto Amarilla, Ana Rayo, Carlota Urdiales, Alberto Sanjuán


Episode 16

Episode 17

Episode 18

Episode 19