Comedy-Drama / Adventure

Pirates is an adventure series with all the classical elements: a liar and womanizing main character, a bunch of dangerous pirates willing to do anything for money, cruel and insensitive noblemen, ladies with a pure heart, ladies with a lustful heart, soldiers with a high sense of the duty, dishonest rascals, whores…
The shooting -that took place all around the coast of Galicia, in really spectacular locations-, was quite an experience. You don’t have everyday the chance to shoot a pirate boarding scene.

Álvaro Mondego is a liar, a noble man who lived better days and is now completely broke, and a lover with an excessive passion for women. After a debt of money -and honor-, he gets enrolled by force in a mission for the Crown: he will have to become a pirate under the command of the captain Bocanegra in order to kill him. But the chance to find the treasure of Yáñez de Oliveira is a too strong temptation for someone as Mondego.


Year: 2011 / 8 x 90 min. / Weekly broadcast

Created by Carlos Portela

Directed by Jorge Coira, Jorge Saavedra

Prod.: Mandarina Prod, Telecinco


Cast: Óscar Jaenada, Aitor Mazo, Axel Fernández, Pilar Rubio, Silvia Abascal, Miguel Ortiz, Luis Iglesia, Octavi Pujades, Xenia Tostado, Luis Zahera