18 meals (18 comidas)

Feature film / Comedy – Drama

18 meals is my most personal work.
It was a game I played with a large group of incredibly talented actors where we explored together different ways of struggling for happiness. Different stories that get linked by emotions and feelings.
This project was completely different from anything I had done before. It was a puzzle made out of complicated relationships; a really hard to handle puzzle (it took me eight months to edit the film) which gave me incredible moments of joy: the process itself -exciting and intense-, the reaction of the audience on its release on theaters and on the more than thirty festivlas that we had the chance to visit.



A street musician meets the love of his life again; two drunk men have long drinks and seafood for breakfast; a man cooks, cooks and cooks for a woman that never shows up; two men love each other but they hide; a cooker dreams of being a singer; a young woman wants what a man does not give her while a waiter is dying for her; a Macedonian is lost in Santiago suffering the lack of love; an elderly couple who have already said everything to each other have breakfast, lunch and dinner in silence. All these stories meet in “18 meals” during a single day of fiction, a film of emotions served around a table, a journey along the feelings of the most universal of all fights: the search for happiness.


Year: 2010 / Running time: 104 min. / Prod.: Tic Tac Producciones, Zircozine, Lagarto Cine

Directed by Jorge Coira

Written by Jorge Coira, Araceli Gonda, Diego Ameixeiras

Executive prod.: Fernanda del Nido, Farruco Castromán, Luis Tosar, Hugo Castro Fau

Director of photography: Brand Ferro

Cast: Luis Tosar, Sergio Peris Mencheta, Cristina Brondo, Víctor Clavijo, Esperanza Pedreño, Pedro Alonso,  Juan Carlos Vellido, Fede Pérez, Víctor Fábregas, Mario Zorrilla, Nuncy Valcárcel, Camila Bossa, Xosé Barato, Milan Tocinovski, María Vázquez, Jorge Cabezas, Ricardo de Barreiro, Xosé Manuel Olveira “Pico”, Antonio Mourelos


Selected for more than 30 festivals in France, USA, México, Colombia, Italy, Finland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Makedonia, England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Released on theaters of more than 10 countries.

  • Best Director Award / Taormina International Film Festival (Italy)
  • Audience Award and Special Jury Award / OUFF Ourense International Film Festival (Spain)
  • Special Jury Award in Biennale d’Annecy (France)
  • Best Picture Award and Audience Award / CINESCENA, La Laguna International Film Festival (Spain)
  • Best Picture Award (Food Films) / Douro Film Harvest (Portugal)
  • 7 Mestre Mateo Awards (Academia do Audiovisual Galego)  (including best picture, best director, best script and best editing)



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